INGRAM, John - Extra Data


Leader of INGRAM's Party


Irish Records Extraction Database


Diocese of Cork and Ross

John INGRAM married Grace MADDER 1811


Esme Bull: Aided Immigration from Britain to South Africa 1857-1867, Annexure 1


John INGRAM's wife and children sailed with INGRAM's second group Irish settlers on the Barossa in 1823

John INGRAM   40

Grace INGRAM   32

Henry Madder INGRAM   10

John INGRAM   9

George M. INGRAM   8

Jocelyn Percy INGRAM   7

Catherine Charlotte INGRAM   

William H. Neptune INGRAM   * on voyage


North Tipperary Genealogy Centre


Kilnarath Graveyard, Newport, Tipperary

Henry Madder INGRAM  died 21 January 1832 aged 18, son of John and Grace INGRAM, emigrants to Van Dieman's Land


Death Notice (Cape Archives) of his son John confirms that he was born in Cork, the son of John INGRAM and Grace MADDERS, ca December 1814


Death Notice (Cape Archives) of his son Jocelyn Percy suggests he was born ca 1818