MARSHALL, Henry - Extra Data


(member of CLARK's Party)


(see correspondence of John TAYLOR)


London Metropolitan Archives:


Henry William, son of William and Hester MARSHALL of Church End, baptised 2nd January 1792 in St.Leonard, Shoreditch, aged 26 days


Henry MARSHALL, bachelor, married Mary HEATRELL, spinster, on 14 November 1815 in St.Anne's, Limehouse.

Both signed their names.

Witnesses: Leachanior KING, Harriet HEATRELL, Mary Ann MARSHALL


Edward Henry, son of Henry and Mary MARSHALL, Limehouse, jeweller, baptised 3 November 1816 in St.Anne's, Limehouse (born 14 September)

Mary Ann, daughter of Henry and Mary MARSHALL, Fore St, St.Ann's, Limehouse, jeweller, baptised 24 March 1819 in St.George in the East (born 31 May 1818)


Mary HEATRELL, daughter of Henry, a bricklayer, and Hester, baptised 28 February 1794 in St.Anne's, Limehouse.