BIRD, Thomas

National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 555

Thomas BIRD, 30, Farmer, Wife, one child.

Gregory BIRD, 32, Butcher.

William MILNER, 24, Tin Plate Worker, one child.

James HARGRAVE, 45, Blacksmith, Wife, two children.

Harry HARGRAVE, 20, Blacksmith.

James LEPPAN, 30, Wheelwright & Smith, Wife, two children.

Thomas LEPPAN, 19, Farmer.

Isaac MAY, 38, Carpenter, Wife, one child.

George APSEY, 29, Millwright, Wife.

Thomas CASTLING, 28, Wool Stapler, Wife, one child

September 28 1819

My Lord,

The above is a list of ten persons who are desirous of Emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope agreeably to the plans proposed by His Majesty's Government we hope My Lord to be allowed to sail in the first Expedition, I beg to state I am ready with the required security, if your Lordship will be pleased to give me the necessary information. I am My Lord Your Lordships most Obt. & Hble Servant

Thomas BIRD

No.3 Devons Lane Terrace

Globe Road

Mile End.