CHASE, John Centlivres, 1820 Settler

National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 103

21 Giltspur Street

West Smithfield

July 29th 1819

My Lord,

Desirous along with a few individuals to avail myself of the proposal of His Majesty's Ministers to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope, under the regulations & restrictions specified in the official circular, I take the liberty of requesting of your Lordship such information to enable me to decide upon the prudence of the important step, which I am at a loss to do with only that document before me. I have consequently obtruded a few queries upon your Lordship's notice, which I beg your Lordship's patience to answer, and pardon if there is any informality in my request as to its nature or the medium [used to] transmit it to you.

My Lord, I remain your Lordship's humble servant

John Centlivres CHASE

[no queries attached in file]