MILLS' Party

[There are two identical returns in the file. There is a note attached to say that MILLS' original list was substituted on 4th February 1820 but this list is not in the file. There is a reference in the correspondence of 19th February by Daniel MILLS that further replacements were made]


RETURN of SETTLERS proceeding to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE under the Direction of Mr. Daniel MILLS of No.9 Harley Street

Total Number of the Men 10
Total Number of the Women 4
Total Number of Persons above Fourteen Years of Age 3
Total Number of Children under Fourteen Years of Age 12
Total Number of the Whole Party 29
Total Amount of Deposit Money for the Whole Party £127:10


Names of the Men
Profession or Trade Names of the Women
Names of the
Male Children
Names of the
Female Children
Deposit Money
payable by the
respective settlers
Charles HILL   38 Gardener  Elizabeth HILL 45  James HILL  15  Jane HILL  14   
          Charles HILL  Elizabeth HILL  10   
          Henry HILL      22:10 
James CARTER  34  Smith  Sophia CARTER  33  James CARTER 2½      10 
Thomas Emil TAYLOR 21  Butcher & Farmer              10 
Henry TAYLOR  23  Plumber & Glazier              10
James GLASSE 18 Farmer & Labourer              10 
William CONNOR  23  Labourer              10 
John RING  31  Carpenter  Sarah RING   27 John RING  Sarah RING   7  
          Wm. RING  2½      12:10 
James GARDNER  50  Flax Dresser              10 
William PITTMAN  21  Labourer              10 
Daniel MILLS  60  Farmer  Martha MILLS  40  Dan'l MILLS 10  Martha MILLS  15   
          James Dawkins MILLS  Harriet MILLS  13½   
              Maria MILLS   
              Caroline MILLS 1¼  22:10